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14, Travessa da Cara, 1200-089, Lisboa, PT Portugal
Contactos telefone: +351 934 738 250
Latitude: 38.714182, Longitude: -9.144614
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  • Katayoun Hashemi

    Katayoun Hashemi


    Until the time that you don't face a problem, everything goes well, which is truly normal. However, if you face a problem and you ask for help, you will be noticed that you sign a contract which shows that you as a tenant, does not have any right!!! There are some reasons that I NEVER want to try this organization again. In my case, I was in Lisbon to do an internship, the room that I rented by this, did not have proper electricity and during 10 days that I was there, from early in the evening, the Power was cut off; therefore I did not have access to the internet either. I contacted my landlord several times, but after the first time that he came and fixed it, he did not reply me anymore. When I checked my contract, I found that I cannot ask the Erasmus for help and I have to try to fix the problem with the landlord. Everything was annoying and as I decided to come back to Germany, just for the sake of other applicants I wrote my complaint to the Erasmus. The manager showed up in some hours, but not for helping me!!! Although he pretended that he is helping. He just wanted to convince me to stay for some more days in that ghost house to solve the problem, which was impossible for me, as I already made my decision. When he found that I won't stay, in the telephone conversation, he promised me to send back at least 50%of my money, but he did not!!! He just told me you can find the other person, then we will transfer your contract and pay 50% (in the best condition). As he told me directly, keeping landlords satisfy is more important for them.

  • Maria Stirbati

    Maria Stirbati


    If you are a foreign student in Lisbon this is definitely the place you should go for help and advice. They organise beautiful and interesting trips, parties and guided thematic tour walks in Lisbon. Sometimes you might encounter some technical problems (once with the site from where I bought a "ticket" for a trip) or you might not get the whole information about something (this is mainly because they are volunteers and probably they do not know everything). Overall, awesome team and good work!

  • Placement In Portugal

    Placement In Portugal


    No doubt the first place you should go when you arrive in Lisbon! They will help you in everything you need during your first days and during your stay.

  • Catarina P

    Catarina P


    Super nice staff, incredible parties and amazing events! 😃 totally recommend

  • squash squash

    squash squash


    Squash Clube Apartamentos .Agradece a estadia e o bom comportamento dos estudantes. Parabéns. Com os melhores Cumprimentos Equipa do Squash Clube.

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